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Glue dots provide an invisible solution with visible results. As a commonly preferred alternative to hot glues or liquid glues and tapes, Glue Dots are a simple solution that leave no mess, residue or odor providing a professional presentation of your product whilst preserving your brand. Primarily, Glue Dots will reduce costs, save time as well as providing a simple fix for a variety of applications. Glue dots are available via 3 applications. A box of (8000, 2000 or 1000 in selected profiles) glue dots, a Dot Shot Pro (hand held glue dot applicator with a roll of 1500 dots) and an Econodot desk top semi automatic glue dot dispenser.

All Glue Dots are:

  • Water Clear in colour (except the Super High Tack which are a light amber colour)
  • FDA approved for direct or indirect food contact
  • Non-toxic and odourlous

What Tacks are available?

  • Low Tack - Easily removable
  • Medium Tack - removable
  • High Tack - Semi-Permanent
  • Super High Tack - Permanent

Glue Dots are commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Packaging and Assembly
  • Printing Industry, Direct Mail/ Promotional mailings and Fulfilment
  • Adhering goods to packaging to stop slippage/movement
  • Labelling

Samples are highly recommended as level of adherance depends entirely on the substrate it is attached to.
(please include your name and address)

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Glue Dots - boxes of 8000 in a range of tacks

glue dots Sydney

Box of Glue Dots

Boxes of Glue Dots (with 8000 dots) benefit the user as they are simple and clean to use. They have instant bonding (so no cure time), have next to no waste and there's no risk of burns as they have a cold bond. The Box of Glue Dots is simple and easy to use. Simply fold down the tabs situated on each side of the box to create your own stand, whilst taking the film off the adhesive tabs on the bottom of the box so it can be fixed securely to your benchtop. Then, much like a box of stamps, pull on the strip of glue dots until one is isolated at the top corner of the box (which has been cut off to create a glue dot isolation spot). This allows for easy adherance to your item to be glued.
Box of Glue Dots brochure
Code Description
Qty/Pack Shopping cart
5-GD-LT Glue Dots - Low Tack (Removable) - Low Profile (0.4mm) - 9mm diameter 8000/box
5-GD-MT Glue Dots - Medium Tack (Removable) - Low Profile (0.4mm) - 9mm diameter 8000/box
5-GD-HT Glue Dots - High Tack (Semi Permanent) - Low Profile (0.4mm) - 9mm diameter 8000/box
5-GD-HTS Glue Dots - Super High Tack (Permanent) - Low Profile (0.4mm) - 9mm diameter 8000/box
5-GD-MT-12-M Glue Dots - Medium Tack (Removable) - Medium Profile (1.2mm) - 12mm diameter 2000/box
5-GD-MT-12-H Glue Dots - Medium Tack (Removable) - High Profile (2.2mm) - 12mm diameter 1000/box

Dot Shot Pro the glue gun for adhering dots of glue

Dot Shot Pro - Glue Dot Gun

Constructed of lightweight impact resisitant polycarbonate, the Dot Shot Pro Glue Gun will apply Glue Dots either individually or dozens in a row in a single motion. It is simply and precisely used by rolling the nose roller over any surface so that no adhesive is wasted. Reloading is easy with the scrap liner simply rewinding within the dispenser. The Dot Shot Pro makes short work of a variety of jobs.
All Glue Dots used in the Dot Shot Pro are on rolls with 1500 glue dots (or 600 glue dots for medium profile glue dots) which are 12.7mm in diameter and available in all tacks (Low, Medium, High and Super High).


Code Description
Qty/Pack Shopping cart
5-GD-DSP-LT-L Glue Dots for Dot Shot Pro - Low Profile (0.4mm) / Low Tack (Removable) 1500/roll
5-GD-DSP-MT-L Glue Dots for Dot Shot Pro - Low Profile (0.4mm) / Medium Tack (Removable) 1500/roll
5-GD-DSP-HT-L Glue Dots for Dot Shot Pro - Low Profile (0.4mm) / High Tack (Semi Permanent) 1500/roll
5-GD-DSP-HTS-L Glue Dots for Dot Shot Pro - Low Profile (0.4mm) / Super High Tack (Permanent) 1500/roll
5-GD-DSP-LT-M Glue Dots for Dot Shot Pro - Med Profile (1.2mm) / Low Tack (Removable) 600/roll
5-GD-DSP-MT-M Glue Dots for Dot Shot Pro - Med Profile (1.2mm) / Medium Tack (Removable) 600/roll
5-GD-DSP-GUN Dot Shot Pro Glue Dot Dispenser Gun 1


Econodot bench top glue dot applicator

Econodot Bench Top Glue Dot Applicator

The Econodot machine is a bench top glue dot applicator. Simply add a roll of glue dots (specifically for the Econodot machine) and it will advance dots of glue forward as they're used (please view the video). The econodot is ideal for higher volume use of glue dots and is simple, quick and easy making it very cost effective.

Why Should I use Glue Dots?
Glue Dots are not only safer, but faster than hot melt glue guns, as well as being cleaner than liquid adhesives and leave no sticky residue like some double sided tapes.

Are Glue Dots safe to use?
Glue Dots are FDA approved for direct and indirect contact with food as well as being non-toxic and odorlous there is no risk of incurring serious burns.

What tack should I use?
Whilst glue dots adhere to a wide variety of materials which include paper, plastic, foil, glass, aluminium, styrofoam, wood and many more - the level of tack you will get will depend entirely on the substrate to which you are attaching. For example - you would most likely find that a low tack would not attach to wood, or that a medium tack will tear tissue paper - even though it's considered removable. You may find you require more than one dot if the item you are adhereing to has a shiny surface, or if your item is heavy. For this reason we highly recommend that samples be requested. (please include your name and address).

How can I be assured of the best bond possible?
Moisture, lotions, oils, dust and some silicon-coated products may interfere with bonding, so make sure all surfaces are clear of any of these.

What is the shelf life of Glue Dots?
It is recommended that the product be stored in a clean and dry place without moisture or dust. Whilst they do not degrade over time it is also recommended that they be replaced after 18 months.

What are the hottest and coldest temperatures Glue Dots can withstand?
The optimum air temperature for the application of glue dots is between 10-32 degrees Celcius. The performance of glue dots in temperatures outside this range will depend largely on the substrates to which the glue dots have been applied to.

Safety Data Sheets

SDS Low Tack

SDS Medium Tack

SDS High Tack

SDS Super High Tack


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